Good neighbors – isn’t that what we want?

I believe that people who have minimal experience with the criminal justice system – and with those incarcerated – are terrified of having a halfway house or job program for former offenders in their neighborhood. But, in the end, most people are released from prisons and without rehabilitation, recidivism is at least 70% in America.  Wouldn’t we be safer and former offenders better off if there were a strong effort within the prisons and jails to offer effective rehabilitation?  The needs for job training, education (beyond 3rd grade reading level, which I understand is the average for incarcerated individuals), anger management, counseling and restorative justice are overwhelming. Without a multifaceted approach to those in prisons and jails, it is not surprising that many released from these facilities do not succeed on the outside. When one is released with resources, their lives, and the lives of their families, can move forward and neighborhoods are safer.  Take a look at these successful programs.  I believe we can do better here in America, too.