If we help our incarcerated youth, we help all of us

The National Institute of Justice, which is based at the Harvard Kennedy School, has just issued a significant report that calls for a drastic overhaul of the juvenile justice system, and in particular the youth prisons.  An alternative model that is community-based will ensure safer communities and brighter futures for troubled children.

If you would like to learn more about this, you can check out the link below the photo (which I am posting courtesy of the Annie E Casey Foundation)  and read the full report.photo-courtesy-of-the-annie-e-casey-foundation


2 thoughts on “If we help our incarcerated youth, we help all of us

  1. I heard two kids talking the other day-kindergarteners. One said,” I miss my daddy”-upset. I asked “Where is he?”. The child says “jail” He hardly knows him but ,you can see,idolizes him.The demographics at this school in Loch Raven Village are 60% Afr. Am. 30%  or more Latino.There was also another kid in that class-she is a recent a refugee from Syria. She speaks no English, is very sweet but traumatized, very afraid, you can see. I met her mother who had a baby in the car.So delightful.


    1. That is moving and sad about the young man who doesn’t see his father. There are countless others in the same boat. Thanks for sharing your stories. The one about the family from Syria is very moving.


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