Thanks, and stay tuned for more posts on the issues that matter to those released from prisons and jails.

THANKS to all who donated and to those who supported New Beginnings Work by following my journey. $4106 was raised and each organization is getting checks for $1026.50.   Copies of the checks are above (with account number and signature not showing). Plus – the other photo is me post-cycling event – at Chaco Canyon last weekend!

The website, is de-activated for donations and tomorrow I will officially “close” it, though I am told it will be archived in case anyone wants to look at the posts or photos.

I delivered personally the check to Crossroads for Woman on August 11 and am also
hand-delivering Wings for Life its check at the August 22 Back-to-School Fashion Show at Second Presbyterian Church.

Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake and Volunteers of America Chesapeake in the Baltimore Metro Area have received their checks as well.

If anyone wants “New Beginnings Work” memorabilia, there are t-shirts, caps, mugs, duffel bags, and so forth on the Cafe Press site, which will remain active.  My sister Kathleen designed the New Beginnings Work logo and I think it is wonderful!

I will still be working toward the reduction of recidivism and improving prison conditions and job opportunities by continuing to volunteer with Wings for Life, the Prison Reform Ministry, and the Returning Citizens Collaborative.  My photography and other personal projects are also important to me  so I will make sure I have time for that as well.

If anyone is interested in future information on issues relating to the formerly incarcerated, aka returning citizens, I will continue to write about stories, events and issues here, so stay tuned.

I’ll also keep the Facebook page active to write about the obstacles faced by those released from prisons and positive stories as well about those who succeed, changes in laws / policies that are beneficial, and various events.   If you “like” that page you’ll receive those updates, too.

SO THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND INTEREST FROM ME AND ON BEHALF OF THESE 4 NONPROFITS!!!!!  It was quite the journey and I’m glad I did it – but I am also very happy now to be riding on the Bosque Trail – much flatter, less humid and most important, very safe.