Donation deadline and Albuquerque interview

final ed FB NBW_1_Stay Happy near Taiban copyThanks again to all who supported my cycling from Albuquerque to Baltimore to raise awareness of and funds for 4 re-entry nonprofits. The closing date for donating is JULY 16, 2016. Here’s the website:
I plan to distribute the funds raised  at the end of July. For those who had trouble with the website, please message me and I can give you my address for mailing donations. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU!  Meanwhile, Albuquerque station KAZQ interviewed me for 10 minutes after my return to ABQ. Check it out if you want – it begins a bit after the 14 minute mark.

2 thoughts on “Donation deadline and Albuquerque interview

  1. Great interview. You were very articulate and seem rested. Your personality shines through and it was all very genuine. Some humor, too. I didn’t realize it was a “Christian” show until the end. I liked the hosts. Thanks for the accolades. You didn’t have to put me in but much appreciated.


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