Tomorrow – 10 am – the journey begins!

New Beginnings Work is “on the road” beginning Saturday, April 2 at 10 AM. Supporters can meet at University of New Mexico’s Duck Pond.  ThLprelaunche Duck Pond is west of the Zimmerman Library.  You can head north on Yale from Central about 1/3 of a mile and you’ll see the Duck Pond on your left.  Representatives from Wings for Life and Crossroads for Women (the two Albuquerque organizations for whom funds are being raised) will be there to support the launch of this campaign! THANKS TO ALL THE DONORS WHO HAVE DONATED PRE-LAUNCH.  Much appreciated!

I believe during this journey I’ll find other supporters who believe that, as I put it, new beginnings do indeed work.  Wings, Crossroads and the two Baltimore organizations – Goodwill and Volunteers of America – provide the support, health care, education, and skills training to enable those released from prisons and jails to lead successful lives. This helps them – and society as a whole benefits as well.

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow – 10 am – the journey begins!

  1. I believe you will have a successful ride in your campaign for new beginnings!! I’ll be sending good thoughts everyday. And get a donation to you. I’m sure you are prepared and will take all precautions – you just look so tiny with all the gear!

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  2. Hadn’t heard from you in a couple of days, how was the ride to Vaughn?, get it done without any complications, I pray? Hope to read something soon. You are in my prayers daily, and nightly. God bless, Arturo


    1. All is well, Arturo! I will post a WordPress update later this week so if you have signed on as a subscriber you’ll be getting my weekly updates. Thanks again for starting out with us!


  3. Glad to hear back from you. I take it, all is going well for you.
    The weather is beautiful in Albuquerque, how about the conditions on the road so far for you?
    I have registered on word press and eagerly await your next posting.
    God bless, be safe : )


  4. Hi again Arturo – The cycling is going well. Road conditions are generally good with a few sketchy areas now and then. More tomorrow when I have time to post a more detailed update. Peace out!


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