Training is tough

8 x 12 Red Rock view_FullSizeRender

Right now I’m building up mileage and hours and elevation so that when I start April 2 I’ll be ready for that 1500 feet of elevation on the way to Moriarty NM and then 70 miles the next day to Vaughn. Actually, these might be the 2 hardest days of the whole adventure! But sometimes it is really hard to motivate myself to get outdoors.  Today I hope to put in 3 hours.  I figure I’ll be riding 6-8 hours a day and if I can get my average to 4 hours daily by March 20 and then add in two 6 hour days the following week, I’ll be ready to roll! Fortunately, there are such wonderful views as I train, and I expect to see many more as I ride 3000-plus miles to Baltimore.  This particular view is part of the Red Rock National Conservation area outside of Las Vegas NV as I’m here for a short period of time helping out a family member with pre-op and post-op care.

2 thoughts on “Training is tough

  1. hi Lindsay, I hope all is going well, sending positive thoughts your way…I tried to donate a little money, but apparently can’t if I’m not on facebook- is there another way? take care and be safe and have fun!


    1. Hi Marie! Thanks for your supportive words – much appreciated! We’re officially leaving Albuquerque at 10 am on April 2nd, leaving from the Duck Pond on UNM’s Campus. I’ll do weekly (or so) updates on this blog to keep folks informed of my progress and to post photos. Regarding donations, the official funding site is here – (and I’ll also send it to you in an email so it’s a direct link).


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